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coming up on r t in egypt hundreds of probe morsi protesters have died during a massive crackdown by government security forces with the death toll wifely to rise the future of the nation now looks even more chaotic the latest updates on. u.s. drone strikes in yemen have seen a drastic uptick now it's reported that one of these strikes killed a top al qaeda bomb maker will look at the u.s. drone campaign in the country coming up. and since two thousand and eight that economic crash there has been pressure to break up the big banks but with lawmakers in d.c. slow to act some states have decided to take matters into their own hands we'll dive into the topic later on today show.
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it's thursday august fifteenth five pm in washington d.c. good lopez and you are watching r t let's begin this hour in egypt the death toll from clashes between supporters and the military has soared this week as the situation in the country spirals out of control. at least six hundred thirty eight people are reported dead as a result of this unrest according to egyptian officials in the health ministry another three thousand seven hundred seventeen people have been injured but don't get too attached to those numbers they are likely to rise as violence continues to plague the nation the situation has become so unstable that president obama took the time of today to address some of his own concerns united states strongly condemns. the steps that have been taken by egypt's interim government and security
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forces we deplore violence against civilians we support universal rights essential to human dignity including the right to peaceful protest but while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back as a result this morning we notified the egyptian government that we are canceling or bi annual joint military exercise which was scheduled for next month he made no mention however about stopping the one point five billion dollars in annual aid that the u.s. sends to egypt but president obama did call for an emergency un security council meeting to discuss the situation in that country and a number of european countries have also recalled their own in basket or as from a nation now despite the military's attempts to raise two of the pro morsi protest camps demonstrators continue to gather in the city squares across cairo artie's
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belcher who is in egypt with the latest. the latest reports we've just had the supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsi have attacked a governor building here in the capital just in giza which is on the outskirts of cairo they are obviously extremely angry are following yesterday's bloody onslaught would sue hundreds die the security forces he promised to do it peacefully this bus folks all of the supporters of moseys in that city in obesity opened fire for several hours causing a huge death toll there are also expected to be marches later this afternoon run by the missing brotherhood and supporters of morsy who basically a rejecting the way that the security forces treated them and saying they will not be intimidated they want to continue protesting in till mohamed morsi is reinstated and the constitution now i just came back from a mall which is where the protests are starting with families who are identifying the dead as they are as i said extremely determined and very angry after losing
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their sons and husbands and brothers so looking really at a very very tense atmosphere in egypt as a security forces go head to head with the muslim brotherhood and supporters of mousavi we're seeing such bloody scenes really unprecedented in the recent history of egypt says me the use of live ammunition in such an extent by the security forces in addition civilians are increasingly arms and so there have been reports all of moti supporters is particularly in the giza camp firing back at the police and also civilians in terms of residents attacking morsy supporters in addition we've had this new twist as he said of six hereon violence dozens of judges have been ransacked raided and torched including christian buildings and homes leading many to feed that this escalates this could actually escalate into its own kind of battle itself who is saying a massively divided country civilians increasingly arms as well i think terry in issues on the horizon so you know at the moment people are wondering that this might actually descend into full blown civil war. well true in cairo for us and
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bell has been live tweeting her reports out there with some extremely graphic descriptions about what she herself has personally witnessed one tweet reads i can't tweet pictures as they are too graphic brains spilling out of skulls charred corpses teenagers who lost a section of their head it really is just a testament of how volatile the situation has really become. meanwhile you menees are recovering after of a rush of u.s. drone strikes killed thirty eight suspected militants in the country a strike on saturday was the ninth attack in two weeks and one of those attacks may have killed one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world i'm talking about even him all our society the man that you see there he is a master bomb maker for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula he is the man behind the attempted assassination of a top saudi counterterrorism official in two thousand and nine he's behind the failed christmas day underwear bomber and also terror plots involving two cargo planes in two thousand and ten u.s.
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officials say this man the one that you're looking at is the reason that you go through all of those invasive security screenings and those pat downs i know you guys hate at the airport and they are afraid that he might be passing his craft on to others now if the drone of attack was in fact successful this would be a catastrophic blow to al qaeda but we don't know if it was or not yemen our main focus for washington after a tip of a terrorist threat prompted the u.s. state department to close a number of embassies and consulates in the middle east and africa earlier this month all but the embassy in sanaa yemen has been reopened i was joined earlier by yemen actual analyst. donny who writes the yemeni blog yemeni eighty dot com and cora courier from pro publica and i started off by asking some ah if there is an increase in drone attacks and whether or not that is having an effect on how yemenis have you with us. absolutely i think in the past ten days there have been
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about drone strikes nine drone strikes right now and what's happening is i'm seeing yemenis hate america more and more and i'm talking about yemenis who actually went outside to know about america have studied america at some point we just don't understand why the country has to be droned eight times in ten days i think a lot of people are scared they're speaking out of fear they don't know what to expect next from the u.s. now cora what do we know about the thirty eight yemenis killed in these strikes they're called suspected militants by the obama administration but what do we really know about their links to terrorism. they're called suspected militants generally by officials off the record sort of anonymous comments we rarely rarely ever get official acknowledgement that the u.s. was even involved in the strike that it was a u.s. drone strike as opposed to a yemeni air shake for example so you really in terms of official numbers you don't
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get anything from the u.s. government what we do have is pulled together from these off the record comments and by from the on the ground work of journalists and activists increasingly in yemen and some other interesting thing is that despite president obama having promises to have more transparency here in the u.s. we have really not seen very much but you have an interesting perspective because you can provide both the american perspective and the many perspective are they getting any more information coming out about these strikes i actually have to follow u.s. media when i'm reading about drone strikes when the drone strikes happened didn't cover it at all there was an award handed out to people who can catch or capture any of people it was only broadcasted on yemeni television at nine pm then it was mainly on american and english news websites and i feel like a lot of yemenis don't really know what's going on why don't they have interest in what's going on i mean if something was happening in the back of our neighborhoods
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we would know well they want to know they want to know but there's a lack of transparency from the government when the first drone strikes started i mean in the past ten days the any president was actually here in washington d.c. meeting with president barack obama and so many people until now didn't have a yemeni official come and speak to them on national television calming them down or letting them know what's going on and cora as i have mentioned president obama promised some type of transparency have we seen any of that involving these most recent strikes or anything in the future in the present days of him actually following through with that promise. well the administration is now tending to speak more openly about the broad program of targeted killing a in the big speech president obama's big speech in may he laid out the sort of new guidelines indicated that they were now going to be stricter criteria for when a drone strike could be taken but just in recent days again we've sort of retreated to the tendency that most of the details that we get about what's going on in yemen
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are coming in sort of off the record of statements from officials the president was asked on friday about the uptick in drones and his strikes in yemen and his response is well i can't discuss specific operational issues so that tends to be the response i've been trying to track pretty closely what happens after civilian deaths are alleged in yemen given that this is again another area in which the administration promised greater transparency and generally again they will talk generally about it they've said that there's now a standard for near certainty that no civilian will be harmed in a strike but after the fact they generally refuse to comment on any particular strike not some all one of the reasons that they were that we believe that they were really going after yemen was because of evoking all the miry which is what i mentioned. is what shows what i mentioned earlier but was there any kind of
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confirmation that we know of them targeting how can we really know if he is dead or alive at the moment i don't think we're going to get i think we have to wait until the end of august because a lot of the bodies tend to be charred when they're. so we're going to have to wait to see who the people are i know that there are thirty six casualties from these drone strikes i don't know if all of them are going to be a cure if you odds are there are a lot of casualties in there and can you elaborate on how the people of yemen view this man the master bomb maker i don't think they view a.q. a.p. as a big. as a big. terror threat in yemen itself because yemenis more than sixty percent of the population is living under the poverty line there's sectarian problems going on in the region the country half the country may secede so when it comes to a q a p they're not really operating in yemen they're not at the moment they're not the biggest threat in the eyes of the yemeni people very interesting now you're a news outlet pro publica trying to determine whether the u.s.
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was giving out condolence payments to families of innocent victims of drone strikes in general and also more specifically of these yemeni strikes this is the response that you got from a freedom of information act request that you sent out it says that u.s. army major general karl horse responded a thorough and good faith search was conducted at thirty three pages were located after a thorough review i have determined that the information is exempt from release in its entirety so are there any other ways of determining whether these payments are being made and are you happy with this response or are you planning to appeal it. well the dia de also told me that they just they told me straight out a spokesman told me that they are not making that the d o d has not made condolence payments in yemen or i actually asked also about somalia given not not very recently but there have been u.s. direct actions in somalia so they've told me just straight out that they're not doing it they're that contrast directly with what cia director john brennan said in
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february in front of during his confirmation process he said that the u.s. does where appropriate for strikes outside of afghanistan will will sometimes offer condolence payments it was not a very specific statement he said that in his confirmation process we don't know whether he was referring to the cia it could have been referring to pakistan there's a little on the ground evidence that these payments are actually happening they are they've now become embraced as a tool in afghanistan they've been widely used there nearly a million dollars in the last year in fiscal year two thousand and twelve were given out for roughly three hundred payments. so and really what those what those payments also brought in afghanistan was a way in which when you you would get a sense of these both the scale of civilian injury and the relationship between the civilian population and the u.s. soldiers we obviously don't have soldiers on the ground in yemen that makes for a different situation sure and as you go forward with this we are asking you to
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keep us informed so that we can keep our audience in form of everything that pro publica is trying to do in terms of this voyage request kora courier and national security correspondent with pro publica and also some i'll hamdani she's a yemeni analyst in the creator of the web site yemeni dot com thank you so much thanks. well to missouri now where the state supreme court has officially scheduled executions for two inmates on death row this comes in the midst of petitions and protests to review the execution process because there is some level dense to suggest that lethal injections might be excruciating least painful joseph franklin will be put to death on nov twentieth franklin was convicted of a one nine hundred seventy seven sniper shooting and two other murders he says he was trying to incite a race war alan nicholson meanwhile who was convicted of the murder of a local businessman back in one thousand nine hundred four is set to be executed on
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october twenty third executions in the state have been on hold since last august awaiting a decision on a legal challenge in federal court regarding the use of the drug propofol as it missouri's does ignited execution method profile gained infamy pop star michael jackson died of an overdose of the drug in two thousand and nine drugmaker friesen free simmias cabby usa said last year that it would not sell proper fall to state seeking to use it for executions missourians some family has three quantities of propofol remaining according to court documents and interesting note one of those lethal doses expires in october coincidently enough another in may of two thousand and fifteen twenty fourteen that is and the third in twenty fifteen so make of that what you will meanwhile there are they were just once considered too big to fail but now eight hundred state legislators say the banks are not too big to break up lawmakers in these states are in the process of introducing legislation that call
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on congress to take on the institutions that caused the financial crisis may now in south dakota have approved a gas glass steagall resolution while state houses from arizona to illinois have expressed interest in this school of thought democratic senator elizabeth warren led the charge but has so far has little success on a federal. love all so well these states actually have what it takes to hold congress this feet to the fire and finally to mount demand accountability for the greed of big banks while bob inglis from a prime interest team is here to weigh in bob matter how much for coming over to this side of the studio. let's start off with will these resolutions on a state level really accomplish anything well the short answer is no basically this is a grassroots movement elizabeth warren has been leading the charge to break up these big banks however the states don't have the authority to force the feds to do anything so basically this is kind of like signing
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a petition and even if enough people get involved if enough people call their congressmen then something can happen but this has to come from a federal level not a state level interesting so realistically do they have a fighting chance well again the short answer is no because it's going to take another financial crisis unfortunately it's going to take another financial crisis to get real meaningful change the legislation that's being introduced even in congress right now is doing a little bit but it's not going far enough they're not going to break up the big banks they're not getting rid of too big to fail and they're not getting rid of too interconnected to fail which is an important concept now go ahead and explain to interconnected to fail well basically if you if we had glass steagall again and that was when we separated basically the gambling part of the banking system from the deposit taking part you know where you have your checking account j.p. morgan should not be allowed to gamble with that well for i don't know eight decades or so that was the law but in one thousand nine hundred nine they just did away with it how did we get to that situation basically i think the money involved
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was just too big so even even if we were to reinstitute some kind of glass steagall we're going to see the same problems because we have seven hundred trillion dollars and i think about it seven hundred trillion dollars in derivatives exposure and even if you separate all these entities there is a web that is not going to go away so we need. did leverage the entire system so that was exactly going to be my question even if the plastic was in place what you're arguing is that it won't really do that much unfortunately not because the federal reserve is printing a lot of money and what does that mean it's basically buying up the u.s. treasury and giving the money to the big banks and that's free money that the banks are gambling with until you take that away we're not going to have any change unfortunately now let me play devil's advocate here for a minute who want breaking up the big banks hurts there's got to be someone well the banks it's funny because the banks actually write their own regulations so if the j.p. morgan right now is in the business of exiting the commodities market because
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they're under a lot of intense scrutiny there are allegations that there is there is a huge price drop in the gold market and there are allegations that they were instrumental and so j.p. morgan is getting out of their commodities business and i think it would be interesting for your viewers to know how much the big banks are intertwined with things like crude oil and gold and whatnot so i don't know if i just answered your question or not but your last i've got a lot of. but unfortunately we only have just about a minute left so let me ask you why is it so meaningful to pass this kind of change and why is it so difficult there is a tremendous amount of friction in the system as we have it like i said there's a lot of money at stake but when you have so much money at stake it's difficult to effect a meaningful change there's a tremendous lobbying effort that's done on the parts of the big banks and like i said they write their own regulations basically they go when congress passes a law they have to implement it so we have entities like the c c c f d c who have
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to implement these regulations and then they partner with j.p. morgan and the likes to write those very regulations unfortunately bob you make it sound like a very catastrophic things must come in order for anything to really be achieved unlike the fortunately they say these are are a bunch of whining children asking for their parents to do something about what's going wrong good metaphor. bobbie we were so host of the break you are breaking the thought now that you have a mentor there how does a prime minister thank you so much for coming and thank you. and since we're talking about wall street and big banks how much do we really know about the people working in america's financial institutions a recent article by the c.f.a. institute sorry dickov any actually claims that one in ten people in the financial industry are certifiable psychopaths i'm not talking about the chainsaw slinging serial killers that moviegoers have come to know but the psychological condition that includes superficial charm conning and manipulative behavior also lack of a mouth a motion an empathy and remorse and
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a willingness to take big risks and sound familiar while political commentator sam sacks investigates if psychopaths are naturally attracted to work on wall street or if the business creates them. havior can be correct sometimes. yes this is just a movie about a psychopath the banker really we all know there's something a little off about wall street given recent behavior even the financial times wonders surely only someone with a serious personality disorder could have thought it was a good idea to sell a highly risky financial instrument like a c.d.o. squared to a naive investor who clearly did not understand the risks or would react with anger when told that they would not be paid multimillion pound bonuses because their previous bets had gone so badly wrong that their employer had to be bailed out by the taxpayer and we also have the patrick bateman esque headlines you hear about
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the banker who is screaming racial slurs and strangers and got knocked out on the street remove the bankers who have cocaine fueled meltdowns were at the banker who stabbed the cabbie so what's behind this dr alexandrovna show studied a group of bankers for more than a decade what she described was a factory on wall street that grinds people up. and tosses them out during what i've found is that after approximately four years the picture changes performance to clients not on technical skills the bank osa still superb as far as technical knowledge but creativity declines judgment declines ethical sensitivity declines at about heel for because not surprisingly the body breaks down it's believed one percent of the general population is psychopathic so can we say wall street actually has a higher percentage dr me show wasn't willing to go that far i would say for now there is no evidence to support that kind of claim fair enough but i also had to
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talk to some former wall street insiders people you may refer to as recovering psychopaths alexis goldstein spent seven years on wall street she describes the culture it's a complete lack of empathy and it's really all about being instead of an aisle as you can be and having enough money and enough power so that you can basically behave however you want and treat people have or you want the proper term for it is f. you money richard let's go work that is gee there were times in my own work life where i had had to stay awake for seventy two hours to get a project then so a colleague or two two or three of us would get together and we'd stay up for three nights and we'd be drinking and we'd be using substances to keep going so we got pretty crazy but we did it because we were being encouraged to do it by the situation so were we psychopaths i don't think so i think we were people under enormous pressure not through yet because it always seemed that wall street was the
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place where the psychopathic among us could not only take refuge but flourish but it appears more complicated than that so i think it all speaks to breeding a group of people that are very predatory in the way they pursue money and yes psychopathic is one where they could be used and i think the more that that happens the more that that culture is. starts to attract people who have those personality carrick's characteristics to begin with so i think it's all of the about it's nature it's nurture whatever the reason for the perceived psychopathy emanating from our nation's financial district this should concern us all it's the fire economy finance insurance and real estate that is making up a larger and larger portion of our total economy and understanding who's running this industry might explain why wall street has been preying on the rest of our economy from homeowners to oil consumers to most recently aluminum purchasers and in the end what can we do about it sure we can pass more regulations we can
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pass legislation like glass steagall to try and limit the damage that wall street bankers can do but really how do you legislate away psychopaths we have to stop lionizing people like for example jamie diamond the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase i think we have to make it culturally shameful to exhibit psychopathic behavior and we're not going to have a legislator way around this but we can have a culture shift and i think the one thing that wall street is vulnerable is to is shame wall street is vulnerable to shame occupy prove that so in a way the occupy movement was just trying to hold an intervention for the bankers unfortunately wall street and its friends weren't ready to listen and they likely won't be ready to listen anytime soon as long as all that a few money keeps flowing in in washington observing wall street from a very safe distance same stocks are two. and finally the idea of unpaid internships is historically accepted as a way to get your foot into the door but not everyone has the luxury of being able
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to afford to work for free and oftentimes these end terms are doing the jobs that paid employees should actually be doing themselves now a federal judge has taken notice prime interest producer just seen underhill brings us this story. i'm going to keep on making the case and fighting for the fact that we need to raise our minimum wage because right now. but for hundreds of thousands of students and young adults raising the minimum wage won't change their income because they are unpaid well i feel like i've been doing unpaid internships and before i can remember i mean it's really for experience especially on the hill you have to do unpaid internships to get a job that's just the way it goes here however a recent court case may have changed the future of unpaid internships at least in the for profit sector eric lott was an intern for fox searchlight pictures but his unpaid work on the movie black swan was nothing like what he expected big county
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office the county department for black swan had four full time paid employees and me so as the clerk i was in charge of paperwork purchase order receipts by coincidence in april two thousand and ten right when production was winding down. the u.s. department of labor issued a fact sheet fact sheet seventy one about unpaid internships at for profit employers and the new york times picked it up and published an article and i read that article and immediately everything came into focus this wasn't a gray area this was crystal clear black and white a violation of labor law so we sued fox searchlight pictures and won the case the merits of the case rested on the fact that the work glatt did for fox did not meet the labor department's criteria for an unpaid internship the requirements include the internship experience is for the benefit of the intern the intern does not displace regular employees and the employer that provides the training derives no
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immediate advantage from the activities of the intern this means that an intern can only for go a salary for the sake of professional training in no case should an internship merely provide free labor for the corporate employer people like aaron smith founder of a youth advocacy group stressed the need for oversight i also think there is an unfortunate side of this and obviously the department of labor the recent court decision maybe expands a little bit what the department of labor can and should do in enforcing some of these unpaid internships jessica fink was fortunate that her unpaid internship provided her with valuable training and my current intern i'm definitely learning a lot i'm getting experience writing cross releases and doing a lot of communications work that. i would get other places however even though this internship is legal it fuels a bigger problem growing economic inequality after all those who take unpaid internships depend on financial support from their family they end up with
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a significant career advantage over those who can't afford to work for free when congressional internships become the standard way to get your foot in the door to working on the hill and then working on the hill becomes the way that you influence laws including those around labor. you end up with is a system of lawmaking that doesn't reflect society as a whole instead it ends up reflecting the people who can afford to do those unpaid internships to begin with since glass case more than twenty lawsuits challenging unpaid work have been filed against for profit companies such as n.b.c. universal mourning music and condé nast as recent graduates face unprecedented unemployment many are desperate to get even an unpaid menial job and if companies can boost profit margins by hiring unpaid interns rather than paid workers the threat of lawsuits may be the only way to stop the cycle of abuse in washington justin underhill r.t.
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all right well that's going to do it for now i'm megan lopez i'll see you right back here at eight pm. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you. are is a big. if it possible to navigate economy with all the details to just take information and media hype will keep you up to date i do.


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